Garcinia Cambogia Extract – Not What They Claim To Be


Ever since Dr.Oz endorsed HCA as a miracle aid in weight loss, more and more people are trying it. HCA can be used as an effective addition to any diet, as not only does it reduce fat stores in the body, but it also acts as a powerful antioxidant. HCAs are naturally found in raspberries and work by causing excess fat to leave your cells.

What people don’t know is that all Garcinia products are not created equal. Before a person buys any kind of diet product, they should do research and ask questions to avoid getting involved in a scam. Garcinia Cambogia Extract make great claims – that any person could lose 1-2 pounds a day using their product. They also use false advertising methods – by making their website look like a Fox News website, it would appear that this product is legitimate to the untrained eye. Before they get caught doing this, they simply obtain a new website with a new name. Weight management supplements come and go, but when considering buying a product like this, stay away from these scammers.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract have received countless complaints at that include thousands of reports of fraud, promoting a scam, making false claims about the product, and some consumers never received their order or a refund! There were even some reports of hacked computers and email accounts. People are sharing their experiences with Garcinia Cambogia Extract all over the internet: one woman reports getting an email, and after ordering the product, discovering that she had been the victim of a scam. is loaded with horror stories of fraud like these, along with Scambook, Complaintsboard, and Facecrooks, to name a few. Unsatisfied customers have reported losing anywhere from $229-$9,000. So many damage claims have been filed against them, that the total amount owed for unresolved issues is $2,175,313.50!

HCAs have been clinically proven to promote weight loss. They are different than other health supplements because they actually help burn body fat and fight free radicals, and are completely natural. However, each supplement is different. Look and read before you try and buy!


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