DeLonghi DD50P 50 Pt Dehumidifier Review



DeLonghi DD50P 50 Pt. Energy Star with Patented Pump is a perfect option to remove humidity from room or office at a cheap price. It is designed to provide convenience with amazing performance. The best thing about DeLonghi DD50P is its water draining feature. It comes with an internal condensate pump that has a 16 ft drain hose which can easily reach any sink or basement window to dispose of water. With this, you can just forget about emptying the container every day, which causes a lot of mess and sometimes hard to keep up with.

It can remove moisture up to 50 pint per day in an area of 1000 sq ft making it ideal for office and room use. Furthermore, it also works under low temperature without any issue, so if you are living in a cold area this unit should be the ideal choice. If you are worried about energy consumption, then you should know that DeLonghi DD50P is energy star rated which means while providing such performance it will also help you save on energy cost.

This dehumidifier is perfect for people who are looking for a dehumidifier for their office or room which can work under low temperature and comes with convenience of internal condensate pump so they will never have to remove the tank manually.

In short


This unit definitely well worth the investment considering the convenience it provides. The automatic drainage system and adjustable humidity control make it possible to work completely automatically without any manual interference. After buying and setting up the unit, you won’t even have to see how it is working.


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Performance and Features

DeLonghi DD50P 50 Pt. Energy Star with Patented is a portable dehumidifier which is designed to provide convenience and easy of mind. This unit is suitable for basement, room or office use.


  • It comes with electronic controls along with LCD display making it easy to control room temperature and humidity level.
  • Due to its automatic defrost feature, it can easily work under low temperature as low as 41 °F. This makes it perfect choice for people who are living in cold areas and want a dehumidifier that could work under such weather.
  • There are 3 different ways to drain water: internal condensate pump with 16 ft hose which will remove water automatically, passively using 3 ft hose for continuous drainage and draining directly in to a container which can be removed and empty manually.
  • It comes with washable air filter which can easily clean particles in the air. These particles can cause problem in breathing.
  • Its portable design with caster wheels and side handle makes it very easy to transfer from one room to another if you need to dehumidify another room.
  • As it is energy star rated it will use less energy while working so you will be able to save more on energy bill.


DeLonghi DD50P is capable for removing 50 pints of moisture from the air in a 1000 sq ft area. It uses refrigerant technology in which air is sucked from one side of the dehumidifier and passed through a coil which separates moisture from the air. Then, the dry is blown out from the other side. This DeLonghi created this unit to provide convenience to the customer. It has a built-in condensate pump with a 16 ft hose long enough to easily reach any sink or drain to dispose of water. After setting up hose in a drain, you can just forget about manually managing the dehumidifier. It will automatically adjust the humidity level in the room according to your need and also dispose of water automatically.


Main reason why anyone would buy DeLonghi DD50P 50 Pt. Energy Star  is the convenience it provides. It has built-in condensate pump and comes with easy to use electronic controls and digital LCD display.


Due to innovative features it might be bit hard for some people to set it up at start. Additionally, it doesn’t come with auto restart feature so you will have to turn it on manually after a power outage. The fan also works continuously which may use some energy, though it would be very low.

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