How Does a Dehumidifier Work?



Dehumidifier Process

Dehumidifier Process

There are two basic working process of Dehumidifier, refrigeration and absorption. In refrigeration process technology similar to an average home refrigerator is used. By cooling the air, moisture is removed from it. In the absorption process, moisture is removed from the air by using a drying material which removes moisture by absorbing water from the air.

Refrigeration Process

In Dehumidifiers using Refrigeration process, room air is sucked from a grille located on one side of the Dehumidifier. To help draw air from the grille an electric fan is used which draws air inward. There are cold pipes located inside the dehumidifier through which when moist air passes, all the moisture in the air turns back to liquid water and sticks to the cold pipes. When the air is free of moisture, it is passed through a heating element so it could be warm back to its original temperature. The air is then blown out from another grille located on the other side of the Dehumidifier.

There is a small tray located below the cold pipes. The water on the cold pipes drips down on this tray. There is a plastic float inside the tray, when dehumidifier continuously work, the water starts filling the tray and the plastic float starts rising. When the tray becomes full, the float turns off the switch of the fan and an indicator light starts showing indicating that the machine needs to be empty before starting again. It is quite easy to remove the tray and dispose of water.  It should be put in consideration that the water is not good for drinking so it should only be disposed of.

Absorption Process

Most Dehumidifiers work through refrigeration process but not all of them work this way. Absorption process works kind a like mopping the water from the air using some kind of water absorbing material. After absorbing water, the water is then squeezed out of the material for disposal.

In the absorption process, from a duct located on one side of the dehumidifier, moist air is drawn from the room in to the dehumidifier. The air is then passed through a rotating wheel. The wheel is composed of a water- absorbing material which absorbs the moisture from the air. When air is free of moisture it is sucked from the rotating wheel with the help of a fan and then that fan blows the air back in to the room. There is an air duct under the rotating wheel which is kept hot using an electric heating element. The rotating wheel which absorbed moisture rotates through that hot air and that hot air is passed through it to dry it. The hot and wet air is then sucked using a fan similar to the one which sucked dry air. The fan then blows the air out from an exhaust duct.

Automatic room temperature setting

To keep the temperature and humidity according to your desire, thermostats and humidity sensors are used. Using this, you can make the room as hot and dry as you like. After reaching the desire level, the dehumidifier will stop working automatically.




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