What is a dehumidifier? and why do you need one!



What is a dehumidifierA dehumidifier is an electric device which helps in removing humidity from indoor air. There are many types of dehumidifiers with different sizes, capacities and features. There can be dehumidifiers that can be used for whole house and also some compact dehumidifiers which can be used in a specific part of the house where there is excessive humidity.

It is very important to keep an appropriate moisture level indoor. Humidity level between 30% and 50% is considered appropriate and exceeding this limit can cause some serious health issue and can also be uncomfortable. It will not only affect you physically but will also damage your house walls, furniture, clothing, carpets and other textiles. To protect yourself and your surroundings, dehumidifier is the best option. Below are some problems which can be caused due to excessive humidity.

Health Issues

Large amount of humidity can cause some allergies. It can cause mold and mildew which can create problems for allergy sufferers. It will not only affect allergy sufferers but also non-allergic individuals. Apart from being extremely uncomfortable to stay in such environment it can cause some serious health issue for normal people. Humidity can cause excessive perspiration which will not evaporate due increased humidity level in the area. This will start eliminating salts from the body which will eventually cause health problems.

Exercising in such hot environment can cause muscle cramps, like in legs. Due to imbalance in body salts muscle cramps become more frequent. Furthermore, exercising in humid environment can quickly cause blood pressure to drop which can also lead to fainting. But this happens to people who are not used to exercising in such hot weather. When you stay in such area, you will sweat a lot thus, losing more salts from the body which can lead to dizziness and weakness. In bit rare cases, extreme heat can cause heat stroke. Body temperature rising above 105 degrees or even higher, that will require immediate medical aid and can even cause death. To save yourself from such health risk, dehumidifier is the best answer.

Damage to house

Humid weather can cause moisture problems in your house, especially in basements. Moisture air can cause condensation on walls and other surfaces which will create muggy smell and atmosphere. Eventually, it can also lead to mold and mildew which will raise health concerns and many other issues. It can also cause mold or mildew on wooden floors and carpets which is also very hard to remove completely. Additionally, walls can become soggy and also paint can bubble and peel due to constant humid climate.

Humidity can also create condensation on water pipes and toilet tanks, which can eventually lead to mold and mildew. If humidity is a problem for the whole house, you can get whole-house dehumidifier but if it is limited to specific area such as an basement then it is better to get a compact dehumidifier which can be moved easily around the house.

Storage issue

Humidity can also spoil food, damage clothes and other stored items. In humid climate cans might rust and also leak if humidity exceeds 60%. Dehumidifier will take care of that problem easily and there are also some dehumidifiers which are intended to be put in a drawer or cupboard to keep clothes and items safe.


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