Dehumidifier Buying Guide

Dehumidifier is used to lower the humidity level of a particular area like a room or office. But choosing the right dehumidifier is also very important, that could fulfill all your needs. There are many factors which are involved in choosing the right dehumidifier and the first thing that you should know are the type of dehumidifier so you could choose the right one for you.
Types of Dehumidifier

  • Refrigerant Dehumidifier: Refrigerant Dehumidifier uses technology same as a home refrigerator. It works great in any area, but it might cause some issue if used in a cooler place. Its performance decreases if temperature is lower than 65°F/18°C, so it is a good choice only if area temperature is moderate.
  • Desiccant Dehumidifier: Desiccant dehumidifier works better in cold areas than Refrigerant dehumidifier. It can also reduce humidity to lower levels than Refrigerant dehumidifier. It would be the best option if you are going to need a dehumidifier in a cold area.
  • Peltier Dehumidifier: Peltier Dehumidifier works in small areas and also costs more energy. Both Refrigerant and Desiccant dehumidifiers are better than it and also at low cost. Though Peltier Dehumidifier works quietly but this doesn’t make it a best choice.

Size of the Dehumidifier
Size of the dehumidifier is also very important, there are different sizes of dehumidifiers including, small, medium and large.

  • Small Dehumidifier: Small dehumidifiers are small enough to even fit in a drawer. There are perfect for use in kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, drawer, baby room or cupboard to remove moisture from the air. These are less powerful but can easily fit in places where big dehumidifiers can’t fit. They are also rechargeable which means you don’t need to have a plug near to use this dehumidifier.
  • Medium Dehumidifier: They are bit big in size but they are also quite powerful. They can easily dehumidify a single room, office or a basement. Though they are powerful and bit big as compare to small ones but still they are portable and can be moved from one room to another easily.
  • Large Dehumidifier: These dehumidifiers are created for commercial use. They are quite big in size and also very powerful, capable of removing even the heaviest moisture. They are also very hard to move from one place to another and use more energy.

Features you should look for before buying

Except for types of dehumidifiers, different brands also offer different features in their type of dehumidifiers. So it is also very import to know what features you should expect from dehumidifier and which suits you best. Following are the features you should consider before buying a dehumidifier.

  • Digital Humidistats: Digital Humidistats is better than adjustable dial as you can adjust the level of humidity perfectly. With dial, you have no idea what level of humidity you will achieve at specific position.
  • Automatic shutdown: It is important for dehumidifier to shut down automatically when the tank becomes full to avoid overflow.
  • Automatic defrost: dehumidifier with anti-frost sensor is better as it will stop frost from building up and damaging the machine. When the temperature will go below the unit will turn the compressor off so ice won’t build up.
  • Energy star: It is important to use dehumidifiers with energy stars as they are designed to keep utility bill low. Dehumidifiers use a lot of energy and thus will end up expensive for you. Such dehumidifier will help you save cost in the long run.
  • Castors: Castors are also a good addition as they will make it easy to move the machine from one place to another.
  • Brand: There are many brands which offer dehumidifiers. If you are loyal to a specific brand, it is better to buy one of them.